Competency Based Training

Align your Talent Management with company strategy; define consistent leadership and staff level criteria across all functional areas and identify specific competencies to cultivate for continuing growth.
In today’s rapidly changing world hiring talent is only the first step. Securing your company’s success in the globalized world retaining talent and developing your employees is even more important.

Bilingual Solutions 4-D System Design Model

Our framework can be applied small and larger businesses, private industry and government settings, large family-owned organizations, and a variety of business sectors such as utilities, manufacturing, the service sector and government.

With every major organizational change, merger, restructuring, deregulation or new business model comes the potential for disconnect between management and employees The alignment process begins by clarifying the most critical roles to be performed and the competencies needed for success.

Well-defined jobs align your people to your mission critical performance objectives. Identify and cultivate a pipeline of available talent to fill key positions based on criteria such as competencies, experiences, knowledge, and employee aspirations.

Keep your workforce committed, focused and maximize effectiveness. Performance management blends the business strategy, role competencies, management expectations and documentation tools into your bespoke solution. Performance management systems set performance standards that can be tested and measured. Effective performance management increases employee motivation and allows supervisors to identify performance gaps and provide meaningful employee development.

Our 4D Model allows for the following organizational metrics:

  • Business model analysis
  • Competency modeling & alignment
  • Tool and system selection & design
  • Procedure design & documentation
  • Manager & employee training/support

Knowledge is the competitive advantage in any corporation. Employee Development is not just training, but analysis of your workforce’s strengths and areas of opportunities.

At the heart of our 4D Model is a structured process for documenting needs and creating strategies to improve the alignment between performance output and business objectives. Our experience in Instructional Design, Competency Analysis, Leadership Development and Coaching allows us to identify competencies, measure performance, select the right strategy monitor and review progress.

Talent & Succession Management:

  • ensures a common language of leadership that is learned and practiced by all management positions. Not just for those replacing executives, but for managers to engage the workforce in a more productive and fulfilling work life.
  • links leadership competencies to strategic imperatives. Not every competency is equally valuable to your strategy. Leadership continuity is about long-term organizational success.
  • provides a structure framework for high-gain development initiatives. Not just training, but a systematic approach to strengthening the individual’s need – specific to the person that needs it and focused on the strategy of the business.
  • creates pools of existing talent and emerging leaders that work together effectively to carry the organization forward for years to come.
  • holds leaders accountable for development by providing management with insight to help them understand the competencies and skills currently available within the company and what skills must be developed to compete and deliver customer value in the future.
  • develops employee capability by creating customized development plans based on succession gaps to help employees develop new skills, experiences and knowledge.

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Talent Management

In traditional face to face seminars participants are often bored by the fact that they are confronted with materials and activities that they have already heard and seen in various forms in different seminars. Our solution is designed without redundant contents; we focus on clear and concise bite-sized training activities.

With our 4D evidence-based approach to employee development we combine a science backed competency and motivational drivers model with bespoke blended learning solution: Competency based trainings have the advantage that you know exactly what your employees are learning and they are only learning what is necessary for their success. Each competency comprises of a skill set that is needed to acquire the next competency. Through measuring the entry behavior of each participant, we can determine where your employees stand. Based on the assessment we give you a detailed report with a recommendation for individual development.

There are no hidden costs and each learner’s progress is made transparent in automatized reports.

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