Online Surveys

Whether you need to understand the factors that shape customer satisfaction or feedback from a learner about the training, an online survey can reveal data that will improve programs, processes, and overall achievement. Following are common areas of focus for many business owners, managers, training and development professionals.

Bilingual Solutions will discuss the criteria, you wish to measure and will create your online survey and collect responses in real time. We distribute your surveys using web links, pop-ups, mobile devices, tablets, social media and email. An online administration panel enables you to view all the data, share and analyze responses from people inside or outside your organization.

Employee Satisfaction

Online surveys to identify which levers make employees happy and unhappy, and act on feedback to boost levels of satisfaction. Stressed out employees can lead to an unhealthy work environment—which can cost the company a loss of productivity.

360 Degree Feedback and Employee Evaluation

Evaluate employees based on feedback from supervisors, peers, and subordinates. This type of feedback is focused on employee assessment from multiple perspectives.

Career Training and Development

What courses, continuing education, or otherwise, do your employees need to meet their objectives? What do employees think of your company’s job training and development program?

Educational outcomes

Student surveys are a great way for learners to reflect on their learning, and an effective way to measure student achievement.

Course evaluation feedback

Surveys are a useful tool to assess learners’ opinions on instructor performance (expertise, delivery and ability), course material, interactive presentations and tool effectiveness.

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