Agile Microlearning

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With our partners OttoLearn® and their engaging technology, learners get prompted to engage daily and can immediately start proving or achieving their mastery.  Otto adapts to them, providing them with exactly the right practice exercises in order to drive their mastery and maximize their retention.  Learners enjoy learning this way so much, that many of them will actually voluntarily do extra practice to master their topics faster! All our learning solutions are offered in combination with this award-winning solution to improving training retention!

What is Microlearning?

Our microlearning module, in short MM, gives you the edge you need for your training. We don’t create huge, hour-long single modules — we start by creating a knowledge map of your content. As an addition to blended learning or traditional classroom training, microlearning allows your employees to access resources and practice 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. The MM measures, analyzes and adapts your training—moment by moment, learner by learner. All they need is any mobile device and 10-15 minutes.

We can take your employees’ skills to the next level!

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How does it work?

Mastery Moment™

Each learner is assigned to a profile that indicates what they need to know and how deeply they need to know it. Each short session or “Mastery Moment” delivers targeted content and activities that help them progress toward their goals. The MM measures what your learners know and automatically adapt the Mastery Moments™ to focus on areas requiring improvement.

Mastery Goals

Training managers set mastery goals for groups of learners. Each Mastery Moment ends with a summary that shows each learner their progress toward those goals. Being able to see how they’re improving can increase their motivation, boost engagement and improve learning retention.

Mastery Levels

When learners respond to questions in the microlearning activities, they also enter their confidence level. The MM then delivers feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. Feedback can be text, media — or both; we provide structured feedback in every activity to reinforce learning. 

Engagement of your learners

At the start of a day or the start of a shift, learners will be prompted to participate in Mastery Moments™, which engages them in a small set of activities designed to identify and fill knowledge gaps. Don’t need it to be every day? You can set the schedule that is most effective for your organization’s needs.

Scaffolded Learning

OttoLearn includes multiple ways to design scaffolded training experiences, to engage your learners and take them from Novice to Master:  Mastery Pre-requisite  • Sequential Exploration
• Layered Importance  •  Scheduled Mastery Depth.

Knowing or Guessing

As a learner completes activities, Our MM actively monitors your learner’s engagement, such as duration, proficiency, and confidence, to differentiate guessing from knowing. and discover areas of knowledge that need to be supported

Works on all Devices

Learners can download OttoLearn’s iOS or Android App to get push notifications and stay engaged anywhere.

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