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Our training programs help your employees to acquire the behavioral, intercultural and communication competencies that facilitate learning beyond our award-winning training program.

Intercultural Academy

Our training programs take an evidence-based approach and thus help employees to acquire the behavioral and intercultural communication competencies that facilitate learning beyond our training program. 


Our award-winning INTERCULTURAL ASSESSMENT BY BILINGUAL SOLUTIONS, in short ICABS©, helps you to assess your intercultural communication skills and well being. 

Microlearning Modules

With our partners OttoLearn® and their engaging technology, learners get prompted to engage daily and can immediately start proving or achieving their mastery and retain your cultural knowledge.

Intercultural Business Communication Survival Kit

The modules of the workshop series have been carefully designed to be either integrated into our intercultural training program or to be booked separately to address a specific development need.

Do you work in an international environment?

Do you send employees on foreign assignments?

Are you an expat?

You will need intercultural training to be successful. We are here to help and assist you!

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Digital Learning / Working From Home

Time management, Communication, Collaboration, and Happiness

Our Intercultural Program Variations

ICT Europe (coming soon)

ICT Business Communication

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42% of foreign assignments fail without intercultural training!

Our training programs help employees to acquire the behavioral and communication competencies that facilitate learning beyond our training programs. Smooth adaptation to the new environment and continuous support for the first 6-12 months are what makes our program so efficient.

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All Face to Face Sessions & Workshops will be held via our virtual classrooms.

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