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Align your talent management with company strategy; 
define consistent leadership criteria across all functional areas,
and identify specific competencies (analytical, technical,
education, experience) to cultivate for continuing growth.

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“There is Nothing More Practical Than A Good Theory” (Kurt Lewin)



Using the right methodology to define employee skills!

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In many areas of the German economy, there is a shortage of skilled labor.
With our training program Refugees@Work® companies, associations, and
organizations receive a solution for the above-mentioned bottleneck.
This allows for a targeted and efficient integration of refugees into
the labor market with reduced costs for potential employers.
Provide equal opportunities for refugees!

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With Bilingual Solutions you get what you need - a bespoke and transparent solution without redundancies and hidden costs.

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Our Services

Our core expertise lies in the practical implementation of the appropriate methodology for your solution.

Instructional Design

The philosophy of any Learning Management System includes a classic constructivist and social constructivist approach to education, emphasizing that learners (and not just teachers) can contribute to the educational experience.

Competency Based Training

Align your Talent Management with company strategy; define consistent leadership and staff level criteria across all functional areas and identify specific competencies to cultivate for continuing growth.


Learner-centered design (LCD) theory emphasizes the importance of supporting the learners’ growth and motivational needs in designing software. In addition, since learners have different learning needs and learn in different ways ...

Knowledge Management

The processes of KM involve knowledge acquisition, creation, refinement, storage, transfer, sharing, and utilization. The KM function in the organization operates these processes, develops methodologies and systems to support them, and motivates people to participate in them.

Curriculum Design

Creating tailored E-Learning solutions that match with the client’s requirements and staying in sync with the constantly updating client needs. Having been in the industry for over 15 years now, Bilingual Solutions specializes in the development of educational platforms for ...


Our training program Refugees@Work® offers companies, associations, and organizations a solution for the above-mentioned bottleneck. This allows for a targeted and efficient integration of refugees into the labor market with reduced costs for potential employers.

Our Story

We believe in what Nelson Mandela said: „Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.“

We met each other in Amsterdam in 2008, while working in the service center industry. After participating in various trainings measures, that were neither learner centered nor interactive we started talking about education, learning, and adult learning theories.
Soon we discovered that we share the same passion for education and training and we began to create first concepts to make corporate learning more interactive and interesting.
Through the years, we developed, implemented and evaluated intercultural training programs, leadership programs, as well as language trainings for employees of medium sized companies and large corporations. Our aim is to provide flexible and transparent learning solutions to as many people as possible.

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Your Advantages

Using the right methodology to define employee skills

  • Using the right methodology to define employee skills
  • Your learners are our top priority. That is why we stand for total transparency and top quality.
  • You get what your learners need to secure your business success.
  • You will get a timely, evidence based training solution.
  • You need flexibility, so we follow a structured process to adapt your training solution to your employees changing development opportunities.
  • You need to make sure you do not loose your top talent and the most valuable asset of your company: Knowledge. We integrate talent and knowledge management into your training solution. Ask us!
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Your challenges are our expertise. Complex content that is hard to deliver in a traditional face to face setting? Let's discuss how you can solve the riddle of learner motivation and knowledge retention in a blended learning format. Call us or send us an e-mail.

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