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We are super proud to have been nominated and among the winners. Our intercultural training program was chosen as “Most innovative in training and education!“

Here is what the jury said:

“Bilingual Solutions have pioneered their cognitive behavioral training to expertly prepare individuals for work or study in a foreign country. Using their academic and professional background in psychology, andragogy, cognitive science, and instructional design, the company’s founders have developed an innovative evidence-based training program that highly impressed the iStudy judges. Their evidence-based methodologies – including intentional change theory and cognitive behavior modification theory –works on all three levels of learning: cognitive, affect and behavior. By including the learners’ cultural norms, values, and beliefs and teaching them the metacognitive skills necessary to understand how their own cultural baseline affects their thoughts, feelings, and actions, the program allows them to change behavior consciously and intentionally. The main goal of the program is to help learners become more open-minded and flexible as individuals to help them to develop intercultural competencies beyond the training as autonomous learners.”

About “The iStudy Awards 2019/20”

iStudy Awards celebrate those schools and institutions that make studying a successful venture. The best universities around the world have also been identified through four categories: undergraduate, postgraduate, student campus and international student experience. Language Centres and TEFL Courses have also been awarded. Other categories include volunteer projects, graduate schemes, education, and training solutions.

About the Intercultural Academy

Program Overview

Blended Learning, Microlearning, and Face-To-Face Training – The Perfect Mix! The program takes an evidence-based approach. To allow for a smooth integration of iterative and recursive learning as well as cognitive processes, all elements that focus on the cognitive level are dealt with via asynchronous learning. All elements that focus on the affective and behavioral level need to be dealt with in an instructor-led setting.

The Program offers up to:
14 hours of self-paced online learning
Microlearning via the user-friendly OTTO LEARN App
Up to 16 hours of face-to-face training
Coaching on demand during the first 6-12 months
Reintegration Training (Coming Home)

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Check out our Backpacker Package our promotional Intercultural Program to give you a taste of our perfectly integrated learning solution!

To book our training program, simply give us a call at +49 15146502360 or send us an email to:

Netherlands: info@bilingual or Germany: kontakt@bilingual

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