Intercultural Academy

Blended Learning, Microlearning, and

Face-To-Face Training – The Perfect Mix!


The program takes an evidence-based approach. To allow for a smooth integration of iterative and recursive learning processes, all elements that focus on the cognitive level are dealt with via asynchronous learning. All elements that focus on the affective and behavioral level need to be dealt with in an instructor-led setting.

  • 14 hours of instructor-led online learning
  • Microlearning via the user-friendly app
  • Up to 16 hours face-to-face training
  • Coaching on demand during the first 6-12 months
  • Reintegration training (coming home)



Module 1: Laying the Groundwork – Intercultural Learning Strategies


Module 2: Intercultural (Self-)awareness


Module 3: Introduction to Effective Intercultural Communication


Module 4: Interpersonal Communication and Behavior


Module 5: Dealing with Challenges: Attitudes, Emotions, and Behavior


Module 6: Advanced Intercultural Communication


Module 7: Intercultural Communication in the Workplace



Our intercultural assessment ICABS© helps you to self-assess your intercultural communication skills and well being. It consists of nine different parts that help you understand your strengths and development opportunities. You will receive an individual report and a debriefing session with your trainer, who will also assist you in creating your personal action plan.

Culture Shock Profile

On assignments, the Culture Shock Profile is added as an inventory to monitor the course of a culture shock and measure the success of the training.

With our partners OttoLearn and their engaging technology, Learners get prompted to engage daily and can immediately start proving or achieving their mastery.  Otto adapts to them, providing them with exactly the right practice exercises in order to drive their mastery and maximize their retention.

The International Profiler is a strategically designed tool that helps people adapt to working in a global environment. It has been meticulously crafted to enable people to breach the cultural wall that so often hinders success when conducting business on an international or global level.

The Best Solution for Intercultural Development

A Perfectly Integrated Learning Solution