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Bilingual Solutions, an innovative disruptor in the blended learning sector won The Private Education & Development Awards 2019 in the category Leading Specialists in Educational Platform Development!

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With our partner Mechthild Müller, we engage in the development of a revolutionary evidence-based approach using the perfect mix of our Moodle-based LMS in combination with the cutting edge agile microlearning algorithms from our provider OTTOLEARN that detect and eliminate knowledge and performance gaps!

With face to face training sessions that focus on behavior strategy changes and the learners’ own cases, we have created a 12-month program that delivers results and significantly reduces the risk of assignment failures. We never forget that learning is enhanced by social engagement and work with a wide range of intercultural specialists and highly qualified coaches to accompany our learners on their educational journey in the 21st Century.

Bilingual Solutions‘ win was announced on June 13th, 2019. We were listed as the Leading Specialists in Educational Platform Development 2019.

We are so excited to have our Intercultural Academy Platform win this international education award. All our hard work is starting to pay off and this award is a very nice reminder that quality, at the end of the day, is what counts. This recognition means a lot to us. Launching our platform after years of research and technological challenges makes very proud.

Having worked in the training industry for over two decades, we combine findings from our own research, practical experience, and academic backgrounds into an evidence-based approach. This allows us to teach strategies that help people to become autonomous learners. After completing the training program, they are ready to continue developing their intercultural skills on their own. This lifelong learning approach is what learners in the 21st century need and want.

About “The Private Education & Development Awards 2019”
The Private Education & Development Awards 2019 commends and awards the efforts of all institutions, organizations and agencies who make the education of our societies their priority. From early learning, to adult education, all who make quantitative & qualitative contributions to this vital sector are recognized.

About the Intercultural Academy

Program Overview

Blended Learning, Microlearning, and Face-To-Face Training – The Perfect Mix! The program takes an evidence-based approach. To allow for a smooth integration of iterative and recursive learning as well as cognitive processes, all elements that focus on the cognitive level are dealt with via asynchronous learning. All elements that focus on the affective and behavioral level need to be dealt with in an instructor-led setting.

The Program offers up to:
14 hours of self-paced online learning
Microlearning via the user-friendly OTTO LEARN App
Up to 16 hours of face-to-face training
Coaching on demand during the first 6-12 months
Reintegration Training (Coming Home)

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Check out our Backpacker Package our promotional Intercultural Program to give you a taste of our perfectly integrated learning solution!

To book our training program, simply give us a call at +49 15146502360 or send us an email to:

Netherlands: info@bilingual or Germany: kontakt@bilingual

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