THE INTERCULTURAL ASSESSMENT BY BILINGUAL SOLUTIONS, in short ICABS© helps you to self-assess your intercultural communication skills and well being. It consists of nine different parts that help you understand your strengths and development opportunities. You will receive an individual report and a debriefing session with your trainer, who will also assist you in filling in your personal action plan.

What is measured?

Part I: Intercultural Sensitivity Inventory

ICABS© asseses the following dimensions using a seven-point Likert-type scale :

  • Individualism
  • Collectivism
  • Flexibility
  • Open-Mindedness

Part II: Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

In addition, the ICABS© measures the extent of Communication Apprehension in the four most important areas of intercultural business communication on a five-point Likert-type scale:

  • Meetings
  • Group Discussions
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Part III: Culture Shock Profile

On assignments, the Culture Shock Profile is added as an inventory on a four-point Likert-type scale, to monitor the course of a culture shock and measure the success of the training.





Group Discussion


Interpersonal Communication


Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

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