Blended Learning Models

As a quick overview, know that due to its modular design, blended learning can come in numerous shapes and sizes and be personalized to fit the individual. These types of models can include:

Online – Instruction occurs via an online platform, with periodic face-to-face meetings.

Rotation: Student rotates between self-paced online learning and face-to-face instruction. Schedules are fixed but flexible.

Flex: Most instruction is delivered online, with teachers providing as-needed support in small-group settings.

Personalized blend: Trainer designs face-to-face and anywhere, anytime learning options that straddle the physical classroom and virtual spaces. Learning is the constant and time is the variable.

Online lab: Instructions takes place in a brick and mortar lab. Delivered by an online teacher and supervised onsite by paraprofessionals.

Self-blend: Students take online courses to supplement their tradition schools face-to-face course catalog.

Face-to-face: Trainer offers primarily face-to-face instruction, supplemented with technology in the classroom or computer lab.