Blended Learning

Blended Learning in the educational field refers to a mixing of different learning environments. It combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with computer-facilitated activities.
We use the concept of Blended Learning, i.e. a combination of virtual course elements and face-to-face phases, to complement the learning activities.

Why use a Blended Learning Approach?

Attract Learners
A high-quality educational experience is imperative to attract good learners in a competitive marketplace. Anytime, anywhere access to learning content, groups, feedback, results and campus life makes a difference that will be felt in learner satisfaction as well as their outcomes.

Retention of your learners
Retaining learners is as much a challenge as attracting them. It requires engagement, making sure they get the most from their learning experience. Well-designed courses are a baseline, they also want faster responses to assignments, interactive course content, integrated learning resources, advanced accessibility via the devices they use and the ability to collaborate online.

Learning Experience
A Learning Management System tailored made or our standard version will support you in delivering a great blended or fully online learning experience. Bilingual Solutions believes that learning should be accessible anywhere, at any time, and offer learners the best possible experience. And we’re passionate about the way technology can enable this across universities, school classrooms, professional training and public sector environments.

How does it work?

Bilingual Solutions provides learning and communication tools you need to deliver personalized, flexible and cost effective training anytime anywhere! We provide a detailed needs assessment and analysis to determine the effectiveness of a blended learning approach. We take care of the design and technical implementation. Our highly professionalized team advises on the best assessment solutions to ensure a detailed and valid evaluation of your project.

As founders of Bilingual Solutions, we can draw on extensive professional and personal experience in an intercultural context. Our core consultation lies in our expertise in the practical implementation of this methodology.

We offer learning strategies for communication and behavioral skills in a professional context, as well as the reflection of social-cultural experiences of our students since they become increasingly important in a globalized society.

This format offers the advantages of a learning management system (LMS) that the transfer of knowledge also includes students that cannot attend class lectures in person. Students can deepen and expand their knowledge in these online activities and share insights gained with the other participants.

Bilingual Solutions not only provides the mere presentation of facts but emphasizes on the training of intercultural actions and communication skills to be applied in a professional context.

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