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The Dutch-German Chamber of Commerce is championing the importance of Dutch-German collaboration with their regular updates on economic partnerships and collaborations.

Cross-border exchange of goods and services is growing, and the economy of both countries benefits from shared innovation and exchange of ideas. The Netherlands is an interesting market for professionals and students, offering a wealth of opportunities for work and study.

Furthermore, the current development of the Dutch labor market is fuelled further by Brexit, causing at least 110 companies from Great Britain to relocate their business to The Netherlands. There are many opportunities for business collaboration and international business.

Because of the huge demand, we have developed an intercultural training program for people who relocate to The Netherlands. The program follows an innovative blended learning and microlearning strategy, that takes into account that people have to adjust in a fast, time-saving, and cost-saving manner.

As of today, the first blended learning program including seven online modules, on-demand face to face training sessions, consulting, and coaching is available for companies, as well as for individuals. 

The modular design helps experienced executives as well as young professionals to enhance their intercultural communication competencies and navigate Dutch culture smoothly. To be successful The Netherlands, the add ons such as consulting, coaching, and training offer many possibilities for professionalization and individual development.

Being intercultural savvy sometimes just is not enough. Mastering the Dutch language is a pre. Although everybody speaks English, the Dutch language is the key to better business relationships and to having a fulfilling personal life in The Netherlands. Our strategic partner Dutch in Dialogue offers tailor-made language courses for professionals.

To book our training program, simply give us a call at +49 15146502360 or send us an email to info (at) bilingual or kontakt (at) bilingual

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